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Nationwide Purchasers of Owner Financed Private Mortgage Notes

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A Snapshot of Our Financial Services

  • We are nationwide purchasers of all types of privately financed  residential and commercial mortgage notes as well as notes on raw land
  • We provide lump sum cash outs on annuities such as structured settlements, lottery winnings, Vegas-styled gaming awards, and others
  • We offer advance cash for pending inheritances that are tied up in the probate systems
  • We advance funds to plaintiffs and their attorneys that are involved in lengthy litigation involving wrongful death, product liability, medical malpractice, and many other types of cases

Fast Cash...When You Need It Most!

Use Our Cash Out Financing for Any Reason

“I used the fast cash I received from my pending inheritance to purchase a new vehicle for my business.  Thank you $Business Name$!”

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Mortgage Notes

I received my fast cash from the sale of a private mortgage note in less than one week.


I received a lump sum cash out of the remining balance of my structured settlement


I received an inheritance advance so I could pay my college tuition early.

Lottery or Gaming

I received a cash out of my Vegas gaming winnings in less than two weeks.

Lawsuit Advance

I was able to get the cash I needed to live on while my attorney won my lawsuit.

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